The Key to Rebecca


While feedback on new designs throughout our showroom was very positive this Market, the star of the show in High Point was most definitely a sexy silhouette named Rebecca. A button-tufted shelter look set in a shapely walnut frame, Rebecca is a true mid-century frame with a sophisticated vibe and gentle curves.

Indeed, if response at Market was any indication, the appeal of mid-century modern design continues to intensify as consumers continue to gravitate to clean-lined furnishings that are both super stylish and easy to live with, and retailers and designers work to satisfy their appetite. It’s clear that though midcentury design harkens back to the World War II, the looks feel as fresh now as they did when the Bauhaus architects and designers first migrated to the States and set a revolution in motion.

Our talented product forecasters say the mid-century modern revival has a lot to do with similarities between the overarching trends then and now. After all, we’re living in a time of great technological advancement with experimentation in materials and organic forms, and the country is enjoying a time of robust economic expansion and growth. In many ways, this mirrors the conditions of the post-War years.

Couple this with the ever-growing number of people who work from home. They’ve helped drive the popularity of designs made famous by office furniture manufacturers like Herman Miller and Knoll deeper into the residential space. And we all know the media and pop culture have played a significant role in raising awareness too, with television shows like “Mad Men,” and talk show sets like “The Daily Show” decorated with Eames chairs.

Though Baby Boomers grew up with these styles, dealer feedback is that these timeless looks are appealing to younger shoppers too, not just because of the built-in cool factor, but because classic midcentury designs work well in contemporary homes and urban settings, not to mention smaller spaces. For this reason, we think the key to success now lies in Rebecca and others like her, and we expect it’s going to be a long time before we see another style.

Published by Kimberley Wray